I'm in Hong Kong.

I'd like to complain , because I can't use this computer to type Chinese.

So I publish the post in English . 

If some readers cannot understand what I mean , sorry.

Here is prosperous . A lot of people smoke , and I don't like the habit.

Yesterday I went to visit the city with my family , it made me tired.

The traffic here is very convenient , but air is not fresh.

I am hardly adept to the food , some are too sweet , some are too salty.

I'll stay here for four days.

And l will be back to Taiwan on Thursday.

Now l am thinking my new post.











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  • 小夙
  • 恩...那台電腦真是破爛阿...加油啊!話說,文法都對嘎!(某夙看得懂耶!)
  • Thank you.
    Now I'd like to destroy the computer.

    混沌 於 2011/08/17 07:13 回覆

  • 燄松
  • I'll wait for you~~
    Wait for your article(Hey!)
    Did you have fun there??
    I did'nt go there before......
  • Yes,I did.
    Though I was very tired.

    混沌 於 2011/08/17 08:40 回覆

  • 藍藍路
  • You really hard, ah!
  • Yeah!

    混沌 於 2011/08/17 07:16 回覆

  • 乂淵仔乂
  • Well, I see.
    Maybe You can try to copy others' Chinese Words to type.
  • That's too hard!
    I'll have to spend more than four hours to type an article if I do that.

    混沌 於 2011/08/17 07:19 回覆

  • 沉睡森林
  • 果然是爛電腦!
  • Yeah!
    I want to say "damn" when I use it.

    混沌 於 2011/08/17 17:00 回覆

  • 八荒
  • 如果原本電腦區域語言是台灣
    不是可以新增輸入法嗎?(微軟內建的 從語言列那進去)

  • I have tried it.

    混沌 於 2011/08/17 17:02 回覆

  • 光之翱翔
  • My head....((暈啊
    替你默哀,香港電腦都這樣阿= =.....
  • 超麻煩的

    混沌 於 2011/08/17 18:53 回覆

  • 御因
  • Are you happy when you in Hong Kong?
  • Yes,though I was tired,I had a lot of fun here.

    混沌 於 2011/08/17 21:58 回覆

  • 玄風
  • 我的英文好破喔!
  • If you read more English books,you'll understand English articles more quickly.

    混沌 於 2011/08/17 22:00 回覆

  • 天空之森
  • 哇!我了解這句在寫神麼 不知道我英文神麼時候那麼好= =
    If you read more English books,you'll understand English articles more quickly.
  • Congratulations.

    混沌 於 2011/08/18 07:36 回覆

  • 天空之森
  • God, what time to update your article
  • Well......I see
    Maybe tomorrow,or later......

    混沌 於 2011/08/18 07:40 回覆